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In a world where companies most often put profits before people and the planet, doTERRA puts environmental stewardship and doing "what's right" first. Read on to hear the story of my Co-Impact Sourcing trip with doTERRA to participate in the largest re-forestation project the Hawaiian Islands have ever seen.

Participating in a Co-Impact Sourcing Project with doTERRA has been a dream of mine since 2017. Never in a million years did I imagine that I would get the opportunity to do so in Hawaii, a place that feels like my second home (or my true "energetic heart" home).

Hawaiian Sandalwood trees have always been sacred to the Hawaiian people, but over the years trees were cut down for trade and to make way for cattle ranches. Hawaiian Sandalwood is now on the vulnerable plants list and at risk of extinction due to over-harvesting.

Enter doTERRA with a vision for the future. With approval from the Hawaiian government, doTERRA purchased a 10,000 acre plot of land on the Big Island in 2018 and created the Kealakekua Mountain Reserve (KMR). The reserve is located on a former ranch, which was overgrazed and over-logged, making it difficult for the native trees to regrow. (Read more about KMR Here)

In 2019, over 30,000 new Hawaiian Sandalwood trees were planted, and the goal for 2020 is between 130-160,000 new seedlings to be planted. This marks the largest reforestation project that has ever taken place on the Hawaiian Islands.

With a commitment to sustainable sourcing, doTERRA has mandated that no living trees will be harvested for oil, and only dead or severely damaged trees will be used to create the beautiful Hawaiian Sandalwood oil.Sustainable sourcing of Hawaiian Sandalwood - doTERRA puts people and planet over profits with the largest re-forestation project even on the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaiian Sandalwood trees take 40-50 years to mature, which means that doTERRA made a long-term investment in a reforestation project that does not immediately generate income, but is about doing things "the right way." It's about environmental stewardship and creating something that matters.

In a world where companies most often put profits before people and the planet, this is so refreshing to see.

Hawaiian Sandalwood is one of my favourite wood oils, and it was such an honour to be able to be part of this reforestation project on the sacred island of Hawaii. I also got the first sniff of the oil sample that was drawn from the still during our tour!

After almost over 2.5 years with doTERRA, I am continuously inspired and amazed by the integrity, commitment, and foresight that its founders have.

Environmentally sustainable sourcing of essential oils - doTERRA leads the way in environmental stewardship. Join me to become part of a movement towards natural health and environmental stewardship.doTERRA has completely changed our lives, our health, and my business.

These amazing therapeutic grade oils have weathered us through many health challenges, as well as helped us through some tough emotional times.

From a business perspective, they have helped me to grow in my purpose to help reconnect people with the healing power of nature and have provided additional income for our family.

This was especially beneficial when I was off work for 6 months due to illness. My doTERRA business kept bringing in a steady source of income, even when I could not perform my regular duties.

I am so blessed for the gifts that I have received through my doTERRA oils and my business and I want to share that with you.



Do you have a desire to have a meaningful impact on the world while also making a residual income?

Whether you have experience as a health practitioner or simply want to share your passion and love of helping others with the world, a doTERRA business can provide you with a wider reach and the resources to do so.

Through my doTERRA business, I have been able to impact far more people around the world than I ever did in my private nutrition and energy healing practice.

I am looking for a few key people to pour my time, skills, and resources into so that we can have an even greater impact together.

If you are ready to build a business doing something you love and being part of something bigger than yourself, contact me and let's chat to see if we are a good fit.

I am so excited to hear from you!

~ Rebecca

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