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Energetic Support for Empaths: Coping with Global Unrest

Energetic Support for Empaths - coping with global unrest. Essential oils to boost moods

Each day as more fear, panic, disorder, and distress hits the world, I can feel the emotions so intensely. For those who are highly sensitive and empathic, it can be a constant struggle to separate our own thoughts and feelings from those of others. With such a collective focus on "crisis" it feels like wading through a soup of murky despair.

Music and sound therapy helps

Put yourself into a cocoon of healing vibrations as you listen to high vibe and celestial sounds. Here is a track by Tom Kenyon that I have been enjoying this week. 

Getting out in nature and moving your body helps

Breathe in the fresh air and allow the stress and negativity to leave your body with every breath, step, and movement. Visualize the beautiful nutrients coming from the earth and the plants and flowing into your body, feeding and nourishing you.

Essential oils help

Energetic support for empaths. Essential oils for empaths and highly sensitive peopleI am so grateful for the incredibly high-frequency oils that I use. They have been supporting my body physically, as well as keeping my energy field strong and clear and boosting my moods when the weight becomes too much.

Today I am diffusing a blend called "Beautiful Day." It combines oils that have been shown to support positive moods and feelings of calm and well-being, while also supporting a healthy respiratory system.

Bergamot, Lavender, and Lime oils combine to cleanse and uplift the energy field, give renewed zest for life and security and love for oneself amidst this collective soup of unrest.

I am diffusing this in my office and also plan to create a room spray with it to bring with me wherever I go.

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