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Why I Don't Use Over The Counter Cough and Cold Medicine (And What I Use Instead)

Why I Don't Use Cough and Cold Medicines - Safe, Natural Remedies for Kids Cough and Colds

For the last few days, I have been fighting off a cold and woke up with a sharp pain in my inner ear.

While many people would reach for the over the counter drugs to suppress the pain and try to make the cold symptoms go away, I turned to a more natural solution that provided me with relief almost instantly without suppressing my body's natural immune response.

I grabbed my doTERRA essential oils and rolled Tea Tree Touch behind my ear and down the first part of the jawbone, then followed with Lavender Touch on the same spot. Within 30 minutes, I could feel the relief.

I rolled my favourite immune blend on my throat and spine at the back of my neck, a combo of 3 drops each of On Guard, Tea Tree, Frankincense, Lemon, and Oregano oil, topped with fractionated coconut oil.

doTERRA's Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, and Tea Tree oils are Health Canada approved to be used in aromatherapy to help relieve coughs and colds. How cool is that?

On Guard, Oregano, and Frankincense are powerhouses to add to the combo for additional support.

While it will take rest, proper diet, and extra TLC for my body to get back to feeling 100%, I know one million percent that I have both decreased the severity of my symptoms and shortened the time it will take to feel at my best again, compared to what it was like before these oils entered my life. 

Not only that, I didn't weaken my immune system in the long term by seeking short term, symptom-suppressing synthetic drugs like I used to, before I knew about their long term harmful effects. Many studies have shown that these cough and cold medicines people turn to may not even be that effective at managing symptoms[1] and the majority of people aren't aware of the safety limits or the risks of these over the counter drugs[2][3].  

These common over the counter medicines are even more dangerous for use in children[4][5], yet parents turn to these remedies every day, believing them to be safe because they are freely available in pharmacy aisle shelves. 

I trust the same essential oils I use on myself for my 5 year old son. doTERRA's oils are therapeutic grade and are the most tested and most trusted oils on the market. We have used these same remedies, over and over, to support our health and wellness these past two years. I can rest easy knowing that I am supporting his developing body, not setting it up for problems later in life. 

Our drugstore and grocery store pharmacy aisles are filled with bright bottles of colourful pills that do nothing to heal, only to suppress the symptoms that try and alert us that the body is fighting against an invader.

Suppressing these symptoms only leads to greater challenges in the future, which leads to more loss of time from work, more days away from family, and more hours spent suffering instead of enjoying the things that are important to us.

I used to be a walking pharmacy. I had symptom relief in the form of over the counter drugs for everything under the sun. All they did was make me sicker.

My health has improved drastically since adding these oils into my life and I am so happy to see that modern medicine model is starting to catch up with the launch of several integrative health clinics popping up in the USA, combining the best of modern medicine and doTERRA essential oils in one place. 

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