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Into the Stillness - August 11, 2022 Replay

Into the Stillness - August 11, 2022 Replay

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A monthly online experience to explore the topics of personal transformation, consciousness, spirituality, awakening, and learning to trust yourself more. 

This month's topics include

  • a look at my personal journey of chaos and transformation over the last three years
  • how to move from over-complication to simplicity in your life
  • recognizing your body's cues as a way to develop deeper trust in yourself
  • a very simple, yet powerful, practice to connect with your inner stillness
  • working with essential oils to anchor and hold you during times of chaos, dysregulation, and transformation. 

Grab your favourite drink, your journal, and a pen then find a comfy place to receive the clarity and illumination that awaits you in this first one-hour session of Into the Stillness.