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Release The Burdens Toolkit

A 60-Minute Clearing and Releasing Toolkit
with Archangel Michael and the Fire Dragons


Can you imagine what is possible when you embrace the energy of freedom in your life?

When you release your burdens, you’re able to fully hold your power.  

This is your time to release all the false beliefs and the illusions that are holding you back…so you can walk freely in the energy of who you truly are meant to be.


  • Shift negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and even stuck energy that has been weighing you down. 
  • Increase your energy and vitality instantly as you release anything that is ready to transform. 
  • Feel safe and protected as you move forward fearlessly on your path. 
  • Experience deep relaxation. 
  • Know that you are loved and supported by the Angels in every moment. 


The Guided Journey included in this program goes way beyond a simple meditation. Channeled by Rebecca Loach, this transformational tool includes energetic encoding and activations to help you release the burdens and activate freedom into your life.  It is a powerful way to access your subconscious mind to create relaxation and positive change.

As you allow yourself to relax and be guided during the Journey, you open yourself up to a higher state of being, allowing you to access memories, thoughts, beliefs, and other energies that currently exist in your energy field, as well as to access guidance from your Higher Self, Soul, Spirit, Angels, and Guides to support you in the healing and transformation process.

Your experience during the Guided Journey helps you to create new neural pathways in your brain, affecting change on a cellular level that will allow you to live a more powerful and peace-filled life.

Pre-journey and post-journey reflection through Guided Questioning helps you gain conscious awareness about areas of your life, which are affecting your energy field and how to make empowered choices that will bring you back to your greatest alignment.


  • A 15-page Release the Burdens Guidebook to help you bring conscious awareness to physical, mental, emotional, and energetic blockages, which drain your energy. As you move through the pages, you’ll discover your next steps to quickly and easily shift your energy to a higher vibration. (PDF Download)
  •  A 15-minute channeled Guided Journey audio that leads you through a process of deep relaxation and connection with your Higher Self, Archangel Michael, and the loving Fire Dragons, bringing you into a deeper state of peace, freedom, and clarity. (MP3 Download)

     This toolkit can be repeated over and over.

    Release The Burdens can be used any time your energy feels low or depleted. Each time you work through these pages and listen to this powerful Guided Journey, you will gain a deeper understanding of your own energy field and how to keep it clear and energized.

    Are you ready to release all that is holding you back and step into a more empowered and freedom-filled life?

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