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Revolutionary Leadership in the New Energy

I was lying in bed one summer night when I was overcome by a powerful energy that lit up all of my cells. ⁣

Golden Light and energy blazed around me from four points around my body in a tetrahedral shape and then streamed directly into my heart.

I felt waves of energy travel the entire length of my body and expand into my Energy Field. It was like a direct connection to a circuit of Universal Energy. ⁣

I saw that each of the four points of the tetrahedron represented one of my Guides; the Angelic Beings that I have felt around me my whole life and who I recognize and call by names they have given me. ⁣

These Guides were pouring higher energy into me, strengthening me and affirming that the path I was embarking on was bringing me closer to my Divine mission; what I came here to do.

A week earlier, as I stood in my garden asking for direction, I had received the strong and unmistakable guidance from my angels and the plant spirits in my yard to lean deeper into my work with essential oils from dōTERRA and to teach about and share these oils with others.

I didn’t know then that the journey I was about to embark on would change my life forever.

Since that day, my connection with the angels and plant spirits has expanded exponentially. I am inspired by, and channel much of, my work through the essential oils themselves. ⁣⁣

I have learned how to work with these expressions of ancient plant intelligence to support physical, mental, and emotional healing, and to use them to awaken the highest aspects of the self.

The vibration of dōTERRA’s essential oils is unmatched to any other oils I have tried. ⁣

The pure love of humanity and love of the planet are the guiding principles that direct all of dōTERRA’s business practices, and this can be felt in the oils themselves.

Every dōTERRA oil has a story that touches the lives of so many on its journey to the bottle you may one day hold in your hands. From empowering small-scale growers and farmers to creating jobs and new income streams in communities that need them most, these oils uplift and provide healing on so many levels. 

By entrusting their customers with the power to take charge of their own health and wellness, dōTERRA provides the tools and opportunities that allow us to become awakened to the healing power of Mother Earth. 

This is the revolutionary way of leadership in the new energy and world that we are building together. ⁣

These are Aquarian principles and can be recognized for those that have eyes to see. ⁣

Not everyone sees what I see when I look at these oils and the business model dōTERRA uses, but now you know what it looks like from my perspective.

If you are interested in being a revolutionary leader in the new energy that we are creating together, I would love to work with you to use these potent essential oils as a vehicle for your personal evolution. If you want to help others along this path to personal empowerment with essential oils, I can help with that, too.

The door is open if you are ready to walk through.

I will be waiting here on the other side.

Ready to discover how essential oils can help you embody more grace and wholeness as you expand into your infinite self?

Discover the essential oils the angels placed in my path and how you can work with them in your daily life to anchor your dreams into 3D reality here.

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