Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing and Remedies

Illuminate Your Path to Healing and Wholeness with Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing and Remedies

Experience Sensamed Bioenergetic testing - non-invasive muscle testing to identify unconscious emotional conflicts and energetic blockages affecting your health and wellness


Why Choose Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing and Remedies?

Are you ready to uncover the keys to resolving emotional issues, restoring balance, and reclaiming your vibrant well-being? Welcome to the transformative power of Sensamed!

Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing is an innovative modality that goes beyond the surface to identify and address unresolved emotional issues, offering a pathway to healing and self-discovery.

Coupled with Sensamed Remedies—unique homeopathic blends of flower, mineral, and quartz essences designed to rebalance and revitalize your energy centres—you’ll unlock a deeper connection to your authentic self and unlock the full potential for love, self-expression, and harmony in life.

My Personal Journey with Sensamed

When I experienced my first Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing with a fellow practitioner, something deep within me resonated. It was like my whole body breathed out in relief, knowing it was finally going to get the care it needed. Despite taking great care of my health over the years, there was always something nagging that couldn’t be resolved.

But when I got the results from the Sensamed assessment, it was like a lightbulb went off. There was such a sense of clarity about what was actually happening with my body and energy field, and I finally understood why I had been feeling so tired and drained. My exhaustion wasn’t just about physical tiredness, but that my energy was being drained at an energetic level. This was impacting my overall well-being and showing up as various physical symptoms, even though my physical vitality assessment shows my body as being very strong.

Experiencing this was so empowering and illuminating! I’ve been working with flower and gemstone essences personally and professionally for over 15 years, and I love how Sensamed incorporates this innovative bioenergetic and emotional conflict testing with the healing power of nature essences.

Sensamed Emotional Conflict Remedies - Discover Your Balance Now with Rebecca Loach

Is Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing and Remedies Your Path to Healing?

We have each experienced a variety of emotional experiences in life. Some of these experiences we can move on from. Other times, the emotions or trauma are too much for us to process and they become stored in our subconscious, affecting our overall health and vitality.

Ask yourself:
  • Are you feeling tired, irritable, or stressed?
  • Does something feel off, but you can’t pinpoint what?
  • Do you find yourself not back to normal after a stressful life event?
  • Are you trapped in a recurring negative pattern or unexplained symptoms?
  • Have medical exams provided no clear reason for your symptoms?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing and Remedies are for you!

The Sensamed system of testing and remedies targets the root cause, boosts energy, and restores health for sustained wellbeing. Suitable for all ages, it’s a pathway to comprehensive healing.


Your Journey to Wholeness: What to Expect

First Visit: 

Your journey to well-being begins in our first session together. During this visit:

  1. Connection: We'll take the time to truly connect, allowing space to discuss your primary health concerns, stressors, and current energy levels. Through this conversation, we gain a deeper understanding of your well-being from a holistic perspective.

  2. Bioenergetic Assessment: Next, you'll comfortably relax on a massage table while I perform a non-invasive muscle testing. This gentle procedure is a connection with your body and energy, assessing your vitality on multiple planes—physical, emotional, and mental—and discovering the primary active emotional conflict that is affecting your current state of health and well-being.

  3. Functional Energetic Testing: Here's where we dig a bit deeper. Using the same muscle testing as before, I will assess the energetic health of your organs and systems. This gives us information about what areas of your body might benefit from additional support, and we will assess for balancing remedies - which may include homeopathic, herbal, or nutritional remedies. 

  4. Personalized Remedies: The highlight of our session is when we introduce your personalized Sensamed Remedies. The Sensamed Remedies are special homeopathic combinations of flower and mineral essences structured in quartz water. These transformative blends work to restore balance to your body and assist in gently dissolving the emotional conflict to restore you to your highest state of well-being.

    It's important to remember that many emotional challenges bury themselves deep in our subconscious. Sometimes, we don't even recognize the patterns we're stuck in.  This assessment not only identifies the main conflict actively affecting your health and energy, but also pinpoints the age when this conflict rooted into the subconscious. Though not required for healing, this insight can spark an "aha" moment, illuminating forgotten aspects of your personal history, or perhaps a feeling of relief, knowing you are being seen and cared for. 

    During the bioenergetic testing portion of your assessment, your own energy and body guide the selection of one chakra remedy and a corresponding emotional remedy specifically for you. These remedies are designed to gently, but effectively, resolve your active emotional conflict, fostering resolution and healing. If needed, a nervous system support remedy can also be included in your protocol. 

    Your initial assessment typically lasting between 75-90 minutes. In this supportive space, we embark together on your path to healing and wholeness.

    Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing - non-invasive muscle testing with Rebecca Loach

    Follow-Up Appointments:

    Follow-up appointments occur 5-6 weeks after beginning your remedy protocol. These sessions are a critical part of the Sensamed process. We'll check in on your progress, celebrating the healing of previous conflicts and assessing what the next layer of the subconscious reveals.

    By this point, most clients find that their initial conflict has been resolved, and we can move onto the next layer. Much like peeling back the layers of an onion, our journey of healing and discovery involves tackling one emotional conflict at a time. This allows us to focus our energies, enabling a comprehensive, long-lasting healing process. The Sensamed Remedies continue to work, gently easing the emotional conflicts, and promoting overall well-being.

    Just as every individual is unique, every healing journey is too. Follow-up sessions offer us the chance to tailor the approach, keeping it most relevant and effective for you. Typically, these sessions last about an hour.

    The Sensamed Difference

    As emotional issues are resolved, you’ll experience a remarkable cascade of benefits:

    • Discover relief from physical, emotional, and mental symptoms linked to unresolved emotional issues.
    • Experience reduced stress and anxiety, cultivating a greater sense of calm and tranquility.
    • Notice a surge in energy levels on all planes, restoring your vitality and zest for life.
    • Enhance your body’s natural detoxification capabilities, supporting your inherent ability to cleanse and rejuvenate.
    • Enjoy the restoration of homeostasis, bringing balance and harmony to your entire being.


    How Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing Works

    Combining my expertise as a holistic nutritionist and my passion for energy alchemy, I am committed to being your guide on this journey towards freedom, clarity, health, and happiness.

    My practice is grounded in a holistic approach that synergizes the transformative powers of Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing and Remedies. Together, we will unlock your potential to reclaim vitality, establish inner balance, and embrace a life of wholeness and wellbeing.

    But don't just take my word for it. Hear it from one of my young clients who shared,

    "You can't say this doesn't work... it definitely works. This sounds like me, and I can't wait to start my remedies!"

    Invest In Your Health and Well-Being

    Experience the transformative power of Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing and Remedies in-person, or from the comfort of your home with our virtual sessions. No matter your location within Canada or the USA, we can connect and embark on your healing journey.

    • Initial Appointment (approximately 75-90 minutes) - $225
    • Follow-up Appointments (60 minutes) - $175
    • Follow Up Appointment (90 Minutes) - $250
    • Mini Check-In (30 minutes) - $100
    • Sensamed Remedies - $49 each
    • Detox / Drainage and Supplemental Support Remedies - Price varies

    For virtual sessions, we will ship your remedies directly to your home. Canadian customers can enjoy free shipping, while there is an additional cost for shipping to the USA. 

    Note: Prices include all applicable taxes. For in-person sessions, if a remedy is out of stock at my clinic, rest assured it will be shipped directly to your home at no additional cost (this is applicable only for Sensamed remedies).

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