The Chakra Awakening Collection

A Curated Collection of Plant Essential Oils and Energetic Activations to Help You Clear, Balance, & Awaken Your Energy Centres


You know you are more than just your physical body. 

You can feel the electricity and the energetic pulses moving through your body. You know that your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions all have an impact on your energetic well being

You feel the call to step out into the world in a bigger way. You know it is your time to shine, and that you need to step out of the old ways of being, and into the new energy that is calling you forth. 

Old thoughts, stuck emotions, memories, and belief patterns have been showing up in your life again and again. You can see history repeating itself. You see the patterns, you notice your dreams, and you sense it in your thoughts and emotions. 

You want to find a way to be free from these old energetic ties and come into greater harmony with your energetic presence and ability to connect with the unseen realms. 

What if you could find a way to clear, balance, support, and awaken your chakras on a daily basis that felt empowering and effective without being draining? 

What if you could intuitively work with your energy anatomy while washing the dishes, reading a book, or even while you slept? 

What if you could start your day surrounded by the multidimensional resonances of the Earth and the spirits of Nature, knowing that your energy is being supported and rearranged as you go about your day to day life?

Can it be that simple? 

Imagine feeling a sense of calm, peace, and freedom as nature’s gifts work on your physical and energetic pathways, supporting all of the layers of your auric field - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

How would it feel to know that you had tools to support your chakras as you face your day to day challenges? 

To support you when you need to feel more grounded and present or when you  need courage and confidence to speak your truth?

To help you create healthy boundaries in your relationships so that you can feel safe and protected as you awaken your creative potential and connect more deeply with your spiritual purpose?

It’s all available for you. 

Introducing: The Chakra Awakening Collection

A collection of the highest quality essential oils with energetic activations to help you clear, balance, and awaken your energy centres. 

Each essential oil in this collection was selected for its resonance with one of the seven major chakras and its ability to offer you multidimensional support on a day to day basis.  

The accompanying guidebook provides instructions and insights for how to work with these essential oils on a daily basis to clear, balance, and awaken these chakras energy centres, bringing you more energy, vitality, and a deeper sense of connection with your true essence and spiritual purpose. 

The Quick Reference Guide includes images of the seven chakra attribute cards from the Angelic Alchemy Essence Cards to provide energetic activations that will empower the continued strengthening and evolution of your energy system. 

The Chakra Clearing and Awakening Meditation will guide you through a powerful energetic practice that you can use daily to create a stronger resonance and flow of energy throughout your entire system. 

This is a powerful collection for both beginners and those more experiences in chakra activation work, as the effects are exponential the more you use this system. 

With easy instructions and applications, you will find the Chakra Awakening Collection one of the most profound additions to your daily routine. 

Working with the oils and guided meditation in this collection will help you to: 

  • Become more grounded and present as you balance and activate the root chakra.
  • Activate your creative potential and manifest abundance as you clear and activate the sacral chakra.
  • Release negative attachments and create healthy boundaries as you clear and activate the sacral chakra.
  • Open your heart to more love, joy, compassion, and forgiveness as you clear and activate the heart chakra. 
  • Release the fears around speaking your truth and enhance your ability to speak confidently as you clear and activate the throat chakra.
  • Enhance your intuition and empower your spiritual sight as you clear and activate your third eye chakra. 
  • Connect to the higher realms and activate more of your Divine purpose and presence as you clear and activate the crown chakra.

This is your time to reclaim the power of who you are. 

The spirit of the plants are ready to support you in awakening your multidimensional nature. 

Are you ready to work with them?  


Your Chakra Awakening Collection Includes:


  • 7 bottles of high quality essential oils to help you align, balance, and awaken your seven major chakras.
  • The Chakra Awakening Collection Guidebook to teach you how to use these oils to support your daily practice of chakra balancing and awakening.
  • A Chakra Quick Reference Guide with images of the seven Chakra Attribute Cards from the Essential Alchemy Essence Card Deck to provide energetic activations for your chakras and empower your consciousness.
  • The Chakra Clearing and Awakening meditation (also available for purchase separately on my website), that will help you clear, balance, and awaken your seven major chakras.
  • A 1-Year doTERRA Wholesale Membership that will give you 25% off all essential oils, nutritional supplements, personal care products, and more + special members-only offers and bonuses. There is no requirement to purchase again, ever. (But you will probably want to!)
  • Access to my Cosmic Wisdom Community Facebook Group where you can ask questions and receive guidance about how to use your essential oils for your personal growth and evolution (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual uses of oils ). 
  • Continued support and encouragement from me and my team as you continue to discover new ways to work with essential oils for personal growth and conscious evolution.  


This Chakra Awakening Collection is valued at over $575...


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this only available in Canada and the USA? 

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