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Elixirs of Light: Flower Essence Making for the Personal Path

Elixirs of Light: Flower Essence Making for the Personal Path

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Learn how to work with the frequencies of nature to create your own healing and empowering flower essences in this online course.

Flower essences contain the alchemical transmissions of love and activation from the nature realms. These beautiful gifts from nature can assist you in clearing, balancing, and restoring your energy fields, bringing you into greater alignment with your Divine Blueprint. 

With love, intention, and a deep appreciation for the world around you, you can learn to create your own alchemical essences to support your personal path of conscious evolution and clarity.

This program will help you remember your own Divine relationshop with nature and teach you how to listen and receive the healing energies that are waiting to work with you!⁣

You will learn to connect with nature and the fairy realms so that you can receive the powerful transmissions from flowers and nature all around you. ⁣

We will cover both the energetic and the practical aspects of flower essence making.

The goal is that you develop a deep trust for your own inner wise healer and awaken to the gifts you carry within you.

Here are just a few of the topics that will be covered:

  • A powerful guided visualization to connect with the essence of nature and your personal nature angel.
  • The Alchemy of Flower Essences - it's more than just flower water. 
  • How nature essences lift you to new octaves of frequency and remind you of your Divine Blueprint
  • The art and science of essence-making: from plant to bottle and beyond. 
  • Step-by-step directions for how to make your own flower essences at home. 
  • How to use flower essences in your daily life. 
  • Q&A... and so much more!


  • Activating Sacred Healing Water for more powerful essences.
  • Creating flower essence blends.
  • Introduction to gem and crystal elixirs 

What's Included:

  • A powerful healing activation to connect you with the essence of nature and your personal nature angel.
  • Individual Modules to walk you through the alchemical process of creating your own flower essences. 
  • PDF with step-by-step instructions for activating Sacred Healing Water. 
  • PDF with step-by-step instructions for flower essence making. 
  • Resources and links for essence making supplies.
  • And more!

You will be able to begin working with the plants around you in your own environment right away! 

No previous knowledge of flower essences is required! 

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