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Essential Oils For Energy Balancing and Spiritual Growth

Essential Oils For Energy Balancing and Spiritual Growth

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Explore what is possible when you learn to work with the power of nature to support your spiritual growth and evolution.

Experience the powerful presence of love expressed through nature as you learn about some of Rebecca’s top essential oil recommendations and how to use them for energy balancing and spiritual growth.

During this 90-minute video, you’ll discover:

  • The power of pure essential oils to support emotional and energetic balance and offer new perspectives on your spiritual journey.

  • The characteristics of the seven major chakra energy centres and how they affect you on a daily basis.

  • Specific essential oil recommendations to support and balance each energy centre for greater abundance, peace, calm, forgiveness, insight, love, and clarity.

  • Ways to use essential oils to balance your energy centres, release old beliefs and limitations, boost confidence, and enhance your spiritual practice.

  • How to be sure the essential oils you are using are enhancing your life force, and not dampening it (hint: not all essential oils are created equally!).

You will also receive a downloadable chakra chart with space to write notes.

This is a previously recorded webinar and will be available to you instantly once your purchase is complete.

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