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Intuitive Insights Deck: A Year with the Angels, Book One
Intuitive Insights Deck: A Year with the Angels, Book One

Intuitive Insights Deck: A Year with the Angels, Book One

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Empower your personal growth and conscious evolution with this beautiful deck of intuitive insights.

Each card carries a powerful message that will cut through to the core of your being and remind you of the person you are meant to be.

These intuitive insights, channeled from the angels, can serve as personal portals of growth and evolution when combined with meditation, contemplation, prayer, stillness, or journalling practices. 

Each intuitive insight carries with it an expansive energy of healing, inspiration, and personal empowerment. 

A soft touch texture applied to the surface of these cards provides added durability and the tactile feel of the strong yet gentle wings of an angel.

You will experience feelings of peace, calm, expansiveness, and personal empowerment as you hold these cards in your hands.

While these cards can be used on their own, combining their use with the accompanying book, A Year with the Angels: Book One, can provide additional inspiration, healing, and empowerment.  Each card is numbered to match the corresponding Message in A Year with the Angels. 

Deck Includes: 

  • 52 exquisite Angelic Insights cards 
  • 1 Carry Bag

How To Use These Cards: 

These cards are meant to provide you with clarity, strength, and a remembering of who you are and what you are here to accomplish. 

You may choose to select a card for a quick insight for the day, or perhaps choose a card to focus on for a week. 

Noticing the thoughts, feelings, ideas, and synchronicities that happen throughout the day in alignment with the energy of the intuitive insights can help you expand your conscious awareness of the world and your role in it. 

You may wish to meditate, reflect on, or journal about the intuitive insight you have chosen. 

However you decide to use these cards is just right for you!