Ascended Light Flower and Gemstone Essence

Ascended Light Flower and Gemstone Essence

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For: Clarity, Unicorn Energy, Ascension, Enlightenment

The Ascended Light Flower and Gemstone Essence resonates with the energy of love, joy, clarity, and pure, White Light. Carrying the resonance of the pure 7th Dimensional Ascended Horses, the Unicorns, this essence helps awaken one to the higher realms of spiritual insight, leading to the highest expression of the Self here on Earth.

This essence is excellent for anyone on the seeker's path, who is ready to take a greater responsibility for their role in bringing peace and enlightenment to the planet.

This essence is preserved with Maui Ocean Vodka - the world's only vodka made from organic, sustainable sugar cane.

Attributes: Clarity, Unicorn Energy, Pure White Light of Ascension

Ascended Light Essence Affirmation:

"As I awaken to my higher purpose, the pure, White Light of Ascension flows through me."


How to use: Take 4-7 drops under the tongue or in water 2-4 x daily or according to your inner wisdom.