Cosmic Mentoring: The Great Conjunction + Aquarius Energies

Cosmic Mentoring: The Great Conjunction + Aquarius Energies

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This year's Winter Solstice heralded in a new age and a new Karmic Cycle that we will be working with over the next two and a half years.

While we will all be experiencing the collective archetypal energies of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, the lessons and "flavour" of these energetic lessons will be different for each one of us, depending on our unique star charts.

Your star chart reveals the patterns of support that were put in place for you at the exact moment you took your first breath. You were meant to experience these energies at this time in a very specific way.

I invite you to dance in the cosmos with me and discover how these great cosmic events will be influencing you on a personal level.

Each Session Includes:

  • A printable copy of your Star Chart (the date, time, and location of your birth is required for this) that will be emailed to you before the session.
  • A 25-30 minute recorded video outlining the placement of the key planets activated during the Solstice and how these energies are influencing your life lessons at this time.
  • Personal channeled guidance and insights into how to best work with these planetary archetypes to harness the energy of forward movement and expansion at this time.
You will learn to understand more about yourself and the loving support, guidance, and energy all around you.

Your reading will be sent to you via email within 3 business days of your purchase.