Essential Awakening: Unleash Your Divine Potential With Essential Oils

Essential Awakening: Unleash Your Divine Potential With Essential Oils

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Join Angelic Channel and Plant Alchemist, Rebecca Loach for a 90 minute online funshop and healing session where you will be awakened to the ideas and possibilities for your personal growth and expansion.

We will work with the power of plant alchemy with essential oils to open up the pathways of communication between your current self, and the Divine being that you are here to step into. 

Through a series of angelic activations, meditation, insights, and lessons, you will begin to create personal resonance where you merge with the aspects of Divine Love, Compassion, Understanding, Truth, Confidence, and more. 

We will explore the use of specific essential oils to:
  • Break through the veils of personal illusion and open the heart to Divine Love and Light
  • Release fears around speaking your truth and strengthening your ability to communicate with confidence
  • Stop comparing yourself with others and focus on expressing your unique talents, gifts, and abilities
  • Transform your fears of not being enough into the opportunity to realize just how powerful you are
  • And more!
This funshop and healing session will take place via Zoom webinar on Thursday, May 7 at 11:00 am EST, with a recorded replay to follow. 

This event is open to anyone on the spiritual path who feels called to join us. It is recommended that you have at least some of the essential oils that we will be working with so that you can experience the shifts in real-time during the event. 

The event pricing is for access to the live event (with replay) and accompanying materials only. No essential oils are included. 

If you would like to participate in the event and do not have a doTERRA Essential Oils Account, please reach out to me so that we can get you set up with a customized order that will best support you on your spiritual path right now.

I am offering free mini energetic consults via email or chat until Thursday, April 30 to help you get the best combination for your unique path. You will also receive a special discount on the course when you place your first essential oils order through me.