Essential Energetics Online Course

Essential Energetics Online Course

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Awaken Your Inner Healer and Transform Your Life

This 10-week online program is designed for both the energetically curious individual and the seasoned practitioner. 

Essential Energetics will take you on a journey to better understand your energy anatomy, assess and identify where any imbalances may be affecting you, and how to use multidimensional plant allies - essential oils - to support you in returning balance and harmony to your body, mind, and spirit. 

This comprehensive program will empower you to explore and strengthen your intuitive abilities as you learn to practice working with your own energy centres as well as to practice your skills on friends and family.  

This unique system of chakra assessments and balancing with essential oils, created by Rebecca Loach, is valuable both for at-home, personal use and for anyone who would like to incorporate a new facet to their health or wellness practice. 

Please note: The concept of the chakra system explored during this program is based on the Western teachings of the chakra energy centres as receivers and trasmitters of information and energy that relate to our endocrine system and subtle energy bodies. We do not discuss the rich and ancient teachings of Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism, which offer a different and much deeper spiritual understanding of the chakras. 

Modules are delivered to you weekly, however you can move through at your own pace.


Module 1: Introduction to Energy Anatomy

  • Electrical currents and magnetic fields in the body

  • Nutrition for the energetic system

  • What is the aura?

  • How energy healing works

  • The link between the chakras and physical health

Module 2: The Chakras

  • Ages and stages of development through the chakras

  • Characteristics, lessons, and signs of imbalance for each chakra

  • Associated elements and organs plus supportive foods for each chakra

  • The four clair senses and their relationship to the chakras

  • Chakra healing activation, alignment, and angelic intentions

Module 3: Introduction to Chakra Assessments

  • How to prepare yourself for chakra assessments to get clear and accurate results

  • How to move beyond “textbook” guesses and perform accurate assessments of chakra imbalances

  • Three ways to assess the chakras for imbalances: using your clairvoyance, clairsentience or working with a pendulum

  • Performing chakra assessments for yourself and other people

BONUS WEBINAR: Essential Oils for Energy Balancing & Spiritual Growth

Module 4: Chakras and Essential Oils

  • A journey through over 55 single oils and blends, their emotional / spiritual properties and their chakra affinities.

Module 5: Finding Oils to Balance the Chakras

  • How to test for and select essential oils to balance the chakras.

  • Understanding the power of hololinguistics and intention.

  • How to re-pattern beliefs and amplify your essential oils using the Angelic Alchemy Essence Cards.

  • Step-by-step instructions to assess and balance the chakras with essential oils for both personal and professional practice.

Module 6: Ethics + Q&A Session

  • The importance of ethics for energy work.

  • Essential oils and chakras as flow systems.

  • The third eye chakra, overthinking, and sleep.

  • Strategy vs. intuition in assessments.

  • Wisdom and support for chronic conditions - energy, mindfulness and essential oils.

Module 7: Chakras and Essential Oils - New Oils

  •  A journey through 17 new single essential oils and doTERRA essential oil blends released during the 2018/2019 doTERRA Conventions. 
  • Book and card resource and reference recommendations.

Module 8: Advanced Techniques + Q&A Session

  • Aromatic and topical usage methods of essential oils for chakra balance.

  • Chakras, personal energy, and energetic boundaries.

  • Plant based or not? Key questions to ask yourself when intuitive eating.

  • Advanced focusing and filtering techniques with holo-linguistics.

  • Activating crystals with Angelic Alchemy Essence Cards.