Essential Radiance

Essential Radiance

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An Energetic Activation and Healing Session to Align with Cosmic Intelligence

During this online experience, we will be working with the cosmic energies of the angelic realms and the stars and the earth energies through essential oils to transform old pain and karmic stories and awaken our Divine Light. 

The activation of our cosmic DNA will allow us to break away from lower conditioning and step into a greater understanding of the cosmic intellect that resides in our bodies, and how this connects us to wisdom and knowledge beyond what we are currently processing in our 3D awareness. 

As we reconnect with ourselves through the light of the Sun, the Stars, and the Earth, during the Lion's Gate Portal, we will work with these powerful energies and anchor them into our being with the help of nature’s multidimensional gifts, essential oils. 

As we use the frequencies of plants, we honour the elemental and earth realms.

We honour the cosmic intelligence that is housed within them. 

We remember our roots and our connection to the Earth and the stars from ancient times.  

You will experience powerful insights and activations during our time together and learn how to work with select essential oils to support the physical and subtle bodies in your everyday life. 

Recipes will be included to cleanse your energetic field, open your energy channels, and nurture yourself as you open to more of who you are.

This is an unfolding energy that will bring to light exactly what you need for your healing at this time. 

Essential Oils You Will Need: 

  • Melissa Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil 
  • doTERRA Deep Blue Blend
  • doTERRA Purify Blend
  • Turmeric Oil

Contact me if you need to purchase these oils. I would love to assist you on your essential oil journey. I will also help you maximize any promotions that are occurring and provide you with ongoing essential oil support!

The online funshop will take place on Thursday, August 6 from 1-3pm EST  and the replay will be available within 24 hours.