Lemurian Activation & Healing Session

Lemurian Activation & Healing Session

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Have you been experiencing the ascension energies for the past few weeks or months (intense and/or unexplained physical sensations, repetitive and old thoughts, emotional upheavals)? Would like to experience more ease, calm, and comfort as you move through these energetic portals?

Are you ready to step into your greater wisdom and open up to the Divine gifts you hold inside?

If so, I invite you to journey with me on the waves of energy as I travel to the Big Island of Hawaii (site of ancient Lemuria) for a special Lemurian Activation and Healing Session. 


During this transcendent distance energy session, your energy will be anchored to the energetic grids of ancient Lemuria, allowing you to call forth your memories and gifts that are only now ready to awaken. 

At the start of the session, I will call in your energy and give the intent for the amplification of your resonance as we enter this new age of spiritual ascension.

Your energy field will be cleansed, balanced, aligned, and filled with light, creating greater peace and freedom.

The energy will be transmitted back to you in real time, wherever you are. There is no special preparation or requirements needed for this energy to work for you. All energetic calibrations will be received in accordance with your own higher wisdom. 

This session is not scheduled and will take place when the energy is right during my travels to the Big Island. This allows for the maximum benefits and alignments to occur without human intervention. 

You will receive an MP3 audio recording of the healing session including healing activations, profound insights, and meaningful messages that will help you navigate the next steps on your journey with more ease and a greater understanding of what the Universe is asking of you. 

The energy session will begin working for you immediately after purchase (energetic alignment always begin as soon as you commit to your personal growth) and will continue for several weeks after you receive your MP3. The results of your ascension and growth are permanent, in accordance with your own inner guidance. 

    VIP Upgrade

    In addition to the above, you will also receive the following when you select the VIP Upgrade:

    • Personal recommendations for affirmations, crystals, essential oils, and angel essences that will support your unique and personal journey.
    • A healing crystal encoded with personal activations. Your personal crystal will be cleansed in the Hawaiian ocean and amplified during our ascension ceremony. It will be blessed with the energies of the earth and the skies and encoded with your personal healing affirmations, channeled just for you. 
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     Purchases are non-refundable.

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