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Lemurian Activated Quartz Crystal with Personal Activation
Lemurian Activated Quartz Crystal with Personal Activation

Lemurian Activated Quartz Crystal with Personal Activation

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In light of the new awakened times that come in the face of global tragedy, new energies and activations have been added to my collection of Lemurian Activated Crystals.

Each Lemurian Activated Crystal carries a unique frequency that will help you realize the potential within you and remember your strength, courage, and power. It will act as a channel to bring you back to your most enlightened self.

About the Lemurian Activated Crystals

Each brilliant quartz laser point has been consciously and energetically charged by a Lemurian Seed Crystal activated in the oceans of ancient Lemuria (off the Kona Coast of Hawaii) by both sea and sun. 

Additional Activations for this New Energy - Calling in the Four Elements

After receiving new guidance from my angels and guides, further cleansing and activating of the crystals has been done, with intention, using Maui Ocean Vodka, a unique product made from sustainable, organic sugarcane on the island of Maui, Hawaii. 

While using alcohol may seem like an odd sort of activation, let me explain and all will become clear. 

Maui Ocean Vodka is made up of 40% alcohol and 60% water. 

Alcohol represents the Fire element, providing deep cleansing and awakening of the crystal's power. This cleansing is especially important at this time.

The Water used to make Ocean Vodka comes from 3,000 feet below the Kona Coast and contains over 70 naturally occurring elements. This water carries  the frequencies of ancient Lemuria.

The energy of Earth is represented by the organic, non-gmo sugarcane used to make the alcohol. Earth is also represented by the crystals themselves.

Additional angelic activations have been done to cleanse, purify, and awaken new healing energies in these crystals. During the activations, the crystals were exposed to fresh Air from outdoors to bring in the breath of spirit. 

All four elements have been represented, as well as their angelic counterparts - Fire (Archangel Michael), Water (Archangel Gabriel), Earth (Archangel Uriel) and Air (Archangel Raphael).

These new activations bring additional healing, purity, and potential to those who are ready to receive them. 

There is a limited quantity of these special crystals available. All crystals are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.