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Solstice Activation: A Ceremony of Light and Sound - REPLAY

Solstice Activation: A Ceremony of Light and Sound - REPLAY

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The Replay of this event is now available!

Experience unique energetic activations, cosmic wisdom, channelled messages, and a powerful shamanic sound healing session in this Solstice Activation Celebration. 

Here's what you will experience during this 2 hour replay:

  • Guided chakra meditation and throat chakra activation to release the shackles and awaken new expanded vision and intuition.
  • Cosmic Insights about the planetary activations we are experiencing as a collective and what they mean for you.
  • How to work with these energies to get the MOST out of 2021.
  • Essential oil recommendations to activate and support your Lemurian DNA and align your chakra energy centres.
  • A group channeled card reading from our galactic star families offering guidance and support as we navigate these times of transition.
  • A Shamanic Sound Healing ceremony to clear away old patterns, thoughts, and energies and call in the new light and energy potentials.  

The information, activations, and sound healing in this special program can be repeated again and again to give you an even greater experience and we collectively step into this new Age of Aquarius.

On sale now until December 24!