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Supplement Makeover

Supplement Makeover

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Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure out the best supplements to take? 

Are you overwhelmed with the number of brands on the shelf at the grocery / drug / health food store? 

Maybe you are just guessing at what you need and aren't really sure if you are getting the best quality, amounts, or type of nutrients for your body. 

Whether you are taking supplements for general health, to support the natural aging process, sports and fitness, or for specific health concerns, it can be overwhelming to know which brand to choose. Unless you have done extensive training and research into nutrition and supplementation, it's hard to know which product to choose. Maybe you are even grabbing the cheapest bottle off the shelf or selecting one that has the nicest packaging just to get out of the store. 

Fear not - I've got your back! With over 13 years of experience as a Holistic Nutritionist, I know to create a supplement plan that will work. 

Let's cut through the clutter, get you the best brands for your body, and make shopping easy!

It's time for a makeover!

Here's what's included in your custom supplement makeover: 

  • A review of your current vitamins, minerals, and other supplements from a qualified Holistic Nutritionist with 13 years of experience. I will have you fill out a form with all of the products you are currently taking and review them for completeness, quality, synergy, and bioavailability. You can also include any questions you have and what you might like to optimize or improve.

  • Professional recommendations for a quality supplement program that optimizes the nutrients you are looking for with the highest quality, most bioavailable formulas. My focus will be on making sure you are getting formulas that work well together, will be most readily absorbed by you body, and contain safe, natural and effective ingredients with no artificial colours or sweeteners that are common in many health products. After getting a complete picture of your needs, your supplement program recommendations will be sent to you via email or text, whichever you prefer!

  • A seamless shopping experience through my online dispensary that is exclusive to my clients. Your recommendations will include a link to all the products I recommend. Like what you see? You can place your order with the click of a button and have it delivered directly to your door with affordable and swift delivery. Quick, easy, efficient, and professional. 

How would it feel to take the guesswork out of shopping and know that you are getting high-quality, professional brands that will work for you? 

I would say it's priceless...

Book your Supplement Makeover now and have your custom plan sent to you via email in just 7-10 days! I wouldn't wait...this introductory price isn't going to last forever!

What Others Are Saying: 

"I recently got a recommendation for a particular brand of iron from my family doctor. Once I got home and read the ingredients, I was appalled. I try really hard to use natural solutions at every opportunity and I didn't like that this supplement had several food dyes and other ingredients in it that I avoid. 

I had no idea what brand would be better though, and staring at the pharmacy shelves wasn't helping. I'm so grateful that Rebecca was able to recommend a product that was made of whole food ingredients without the easy food colouring. She recommended a product that also contained B12 and folic acid with the iron so  all the nutrient work together and I only have to take one supplement instead of two. I easily ordered through her online dispensary and my high vibe iron supplement arrived within 5 days. 

I feel so relieved to have someone help me cut through the overwhelm and find a product that works for my body without the toxic ingredients." ~ Lisa Hickey