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On Guard Essential Oil Blend

Find out everything you need to know about doTERRA On Guard Essential Oil Blend in this online Essential Oil Guide by Angelic Channel + Essential Oil Educator Rebecca Loach. Physical and spiritual uses, associated chakras, archangels, blend combinations, and more!

Physical Properties:

  • Energizing and uplifting aroma
  • Supports healthy immune system and respiratory system
  • Powerful surface cleanser

Spiritual / Metaphysical Properties and Uses:

  • Creates a protective field around the body
  • Clears away negative energetic attachments - to people, places, thoughts, and situations. 
  • Supports you in creating stronger boundaries and learning to say no.
  • Helps you to clarify your personal energy and live in integrity with your unique self. 

Associated Archangel:

  • Gabriel

Associated Chakra(s):

  • Sacral (2nd)


You may have heard of On Guard, as it’s one of dōTERRA’s most popular oil blends. We use this oil daily in our home, in one of its various forms (the toothpaste is my fave!).

On Guard is a blend of five essential oils that support a healthy immune system and protect against environmental and seasonal threats year round. It is also great to use as a non-toxic surface cleanser in the home. The combination of wild orange, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils in this blend make it a powerful ally for the body, mind, and environment.

On Guard can be used Aromatically, Topically, and Internally. 

doTERRA has also made it convenient for you to be "on guard" with its line of On Guard products, including toothpaste (natural, fluoride free and whitening), mouthwash, foaming hand soap, all purpose cleaner, hand sanitizing mist, laundry detergent, softgels, and protective throat drops. 

*** Caution: Contains citrus oils, which are photosensitizing. Avoid sunlight and rays for 12 hours on areas that you have applied this oil topically. 

Some ways to use doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend:

  • Diffuse to cleanse and purify the air and support the immune system. 
  • Diffuse to protect against environmental threats, especially in the fall and winter months.
  • Add 8-10 drops to water in a spray bottle for an effective all-purpose cleaner for surfaces.
  • Add 10-15 drops to a 10 mL roller bottle and top with carrier oil. Apply topically to the soles of the feet, spine, and/or inside elbow crease for immune support and/or to strengthen healthy boundaries. 
  • Add 1-2 drops in a veggie capsule for a quick immune boost and to support the body’s natural antioxidant defenses.
  • Add a drop of On Guard to tea with honey to create an immune supporting beverage.
  • Soak pieces of sliced apple in water with a drop of On Guard for a healthy, immune supporting snack. 
  • Apply diluted topically to children’s feet feet during school season to support a healthy immune system (On Guard Touch roller is perfect for this).
  • Add 1-2 drops in water and use as a powerful cleansing and balancing mouthwash.

A few of my favourite On Guard Blend combinations: 

  • On Guard + Tea Tree oils applied topically (diluted) for daily immune and energetic protection.
  • On Guard + Tea Tree + Frankincense + Lemon + Oregano oils added to a roller bottle and topped with carrier oil to create an Immune Bomb blend. Use this blend when you need a little extra immune support.
  • On Guard Cleaner Concentrate + Peppermint oil added to a spray bottle with water and used as a surface cleaner. Awesome cleansing power and invigorating scent!

Other On Guard Products You May Want To Try: 

  • On Guard Toothpaste - a natural, fluoride-free, whitening toothpaste without SLS and other harmful ingredients common in conventional toothpaste. This toothpaste is AWESOME and leave your mouth feeling “just visited the dentist clean.” My gums are so much healthier since using this toothpaste!

  • On Guard Mouthwash - a delicious and alcohol-free mouthwash formulated to clean teeth and gums, reduce plaque, and promote a healthy looking mouth when used with regular brushing and flossing. We love this mouthwash and even my son takes it diluted with water to half strength. 

  • On Guard Cleaner Concentrate - a great multi-purpose cleaner for sinks, counters, toilets, and other surfaces. Great as a spot cleaner for laundry stains too. One bottle of cleaner concentrate makes up 12 full sized spray bottles, making this a very economical purchase.

  • On Guard Foaming Hand Wash - our preferred hand wash in the kitchen and bathroom. This foaming hand wash cleans without drying and can also double as a fruit and veggie wash. We take our bottle of On Guard Foaming Hand wash with us when we travel too!  

  • On Guard Mist - a convenient pocket-sized spray mist with the power of On Guard to cleanse and protect your hands on the go. This hand mist is safe for children and doesn't dry out the hands. We have a bottle of this in each car, backpack, purse, and jacket pocket!

  • On Guard Laundry Detergent - an amazing plant-based and eco-friendly laundry detergent that gets your laundry clean and fresh. On Guard Laundry Detergent is also the BEST spot treatment I have found to get stubborn stains out. 

  • On Guard Protecting Throat Drops - a great way to get the immune protecting benefits of On Guard in an all-natural throat drop. These drops are great to calm dry, scratchy throats and provide immune supporting benefits.

  • On Guard Softgels - doTERRA's proprietary On Guard blend is combined with Black Pepper, Oregano, and Melissa essential oils for extra immune support. These softgels are a great way to support healthy immune function when seasonal threats are high. 

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