• 6 Signs the Angels Are Near

    "Your angels light your way. Be open and be willing to receive. Allow the beauty and abundance of the universe to unfold before you. Be blessed wherever you go." ~ Rebecca Loach

    Angel signs often come in response to our prayers or request for help. These signs are usually out of the ordinary, repetitive, and time to coincide with our prayers. Read on to learn six ways the angels love to send you messages.

  • The First Time I Saw An Angel

    The first time I saw an angel was a little over twelve years ago, after listening to a guided angel meditation CD that I had purchased at the local new age store. I knew immediately and without a doubt that this powerful, brilliant bright light was an angelic presence.

    My life has changed dramatically since that first angelic encounter, and I am truly honoured to have helped open the way for hundreds of other people to walk their own journey with the angelic realms since that time too. Read the full story of this encounter here, plus receive a FREE Meet Your Guardian Angel guided meditation to help you start your own personal relationship with your angels!

  • Why I Don't Use Over The Counter Cough and Cold Medicine (And What I Use Instead)

    Our drugstore and grocery store pharmacy aisles are filled with bright bottles of colourful pills that do nothing to heal, only to suppress the symptoms that try and alert us that the body is fighting against an invader.

    The dangers of over the counter cough and cold medicines are real, especially for children. 

    I used to be a walking pharmacy. I had symptom relief in the form of over the counter drugs for everything under the sun. All they did was make me sicker.

    I have found safe, natural, and effective solutions for my family's health. Read on to learn more about what I use now when a cough and cold comes my way. 


  • Easy Overnight Oats: A Quick, Healthy Breakfast Even Kids Will Love!

    Overnight oats are a quick, nutritious breakfast that are perfect for anyone on the go who wants to save time in the kitchen but still have a delicious, healthy breakfast. The variations on this gluten-free, healthy recipe are limitless and you can create flavours that the whole family will love. 


  • 8 Must-Have Essential Oils for Healthy Kids

    As the mom of a 5 year old boy, I know how scary it can be when a little one gets sick. Coughs and colds, tummy troubles, sleepless nights, anxious feelings, and more. Here are my top essential oils for kids that every parent should know.