Flower Essences: Realigning With The Divine Blueprint

Working with flower essences provides us powerful, transformative energies that help us to realign with our Divine Blueprint and realign with the energies of clarity, freedom, and expansion every day. In this article, flower essence alchemist Rebecca Loach describes the power of flower essences in conscious evolution.

Working with flower essences is a natural thing to me. Over the last decade, these powerful allies have been part of my daily life. ⁣⁣

I have bottles of flower essences all over my home - on my dresser, near my reading chair, in my kitchen, on my desk, near the bath. ⁣

Having these highly energetic and healing elixirs around provides me opportunities to shift my consciousness and return to my centre multiple times a day.⁣

I often find myself intuitively reaching for a bottle before knowing what it is, then reading the label only to find out it is exactly what I was needing in the moment, sort of like an oracle card reading, but one that offers energy healing and alignment along with the messages. ⁣

Other times, when I find myself in challenging situations where my energy feels tangled and messy, my emotions are all over the place, and my mind is cluttered, I realize that I have forgotten to work with these tools of empowerment. 

Coming back to my flower essences helps me to shift into clearer energy and to realign with my Divine Blueprint, lighting the path forward. ⁣

Flower essences are purely vibrational remedies, created through an alchemical process involving the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water and involving an agreement between the plant and the essence maker. ⁣

During the alchemical process, the plant bestows its spirit and healing potential to the water and the energy and clarity of the essence maker is an important factor in this transmission. ⁣

Learning to craft my own flower essences was such a powerful process. As I worked with the frequencies of nature, I found myself dissolving feelings of fear, self-doubt, uncertainty, and disconnection and gaining the energy of clarity, vision, freedom, and expansion from my heart. ⁣

With love, intention, and a deep appreciation for the world around you, you can learn to create your own alchemical essences to support your personal path of conscious evolution and clarity.⁣

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