Meet Rebecca

Meet Rebecca Loach, Bioenergetic Practitioner, Energy Worker, and Author

Hi, I’m Rebecca,

I am a Bioenergetic Practitioner, Energy Worker, Angelic Channel, and Author.

I am passionate about helping you create a radiant life where you feel empowered to make conscious choices about your health and well-being.

I believe in the body’s innate wisdom and ability to heal itself, if given the right tools. I use a unique form of muscle testing in my client assessments, ensuring that your body is telling us what remedies and support it needs. 

I believe in natural healthcare with vibrant plant medicines, including the best natural supplements, homeopathic formulas, herbal remedies, flower and mineral essences, and essential oils. These natural remedies help to gently restore proper flow and function to your body, without pushing and forcing anything to happen. 

I believe in the connection between the emotions and our physical sensations, and that we need to address both in order to have lasting health. Chronic conditions often have an emotional conflict or blockage at their root. By addressing the whole picture, we can be sure we are supporting the full resolution of the issue. 

I believe in the power of intuition, divine connection, and a relationship with the higher self as a way to navigate the path forward. As we work together, your inner knowing and wisdom will begin to shine through, and you will become even more clear of your own power and path forward. 

I believe in trusting ourselves to know what is right and developing the courage to listen, even when it goes against popular culture. Learning to follow your own inner guidance can sometimes be the most healing solution of all. 

I believe in you.

In my practice, Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing and the EMF Balancing Technique® play pivotal roles. Sensamed offers a unique path to uncovering and resolving emotional conflicts and supporting the body’s natural systems and functions, while the EMF Balancing Technique® provides profound insights into your energy anatomy and how to manage your personal energy, which is the key to freedom and personal power. 

More About Me

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry, and a Diploma of Holistic Nutrition, I am rooted in science and natural medicine. 

With almost two decades of training and experience in natural health, bioenergetic medicine, energy therapies, and spiritual evolution, I am expansive in my ability to nurture, support, and guide you to find the deepest levels of health, wellness, and fulfillment in your life.

I have a knack for breaking down high-level concepts into easy-to-understand pieces, providing practical guidance that will support the physical body, emotional well-being, and spiritual evolution.

I am spiritual with substance.

To me, science, intuition, energy and seemingly magical synchronicities are all part of the same interconnectedness. I can’t explore one without exploring the other.

I have taught classes and workshops on biology, nutrition, enzyme therapy, energy healing, crystal therapy, plant medicines, essential oils, intuition, and connecting with angels and the Infinite Self.

I have a curious spirit and passion for growth. I am a born teacher and love to share what I learn with others.  

In addition to my clinical practice, I have authored the “A Year with the Angels book series and created the “Angelic Empowerment Journals.” These works are transformative tools, offering insights and practices for deepening your connection with the angelic realms and your own inner wisdom.

Rebecca Loach, Bioenergetic Practitioner and Energy Worker offers both in-person and virtual sessions

My mission is to help you discover more of who you are by removing the "obstacles to cure," as they say in homeopathy, however this same principle relates to all aspects of your life. 

I aim to help you trust your body and yourself, clearing energetic pathways with physical remedies and energy balancing. In doing so, you can remember your light, strength, and voice. 

The greatest joy in my work is witnessing clients realize their capabilities, find their voice, and embrace joy and happiness, remembering how loved and special they are.


  • Bachelor of Science (Honours Biochemistry), University of Waterloo
  • Diploma of Holistic Nutrition, Edison Institute of Nutrition
  • EMF Balancing Technique Accredited Practitioner (Phases I-XIII)
  • Reflections Practitioner and Teacher
  • Reiki Master

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