Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul: Your Journey to Wholeness Begins Here

I see you. I see the fatigue that’s weighing heavy on your spirit, the stress that’s etched deep into your being, the emotional conflicts that are blocking your path to wellness. I understand your journey because I’ve walked this path myself. I’ve faced the sense of loss, the weariness, the uncertainty about how I could ever return to a state of joy and vitality.

Just like you, I’ve questioned why my body wasn’t responding as I hoped, why, despite my best efforts, things seemed so challenging. It’s why I’ve devoted my career to helping others navigate their way to healing and wholeness.

Hi, I’m Rebecca. I have been a Bioenergetic Practitioner and Energy Worker since 2006. With a degree in honours biochemistry and almost two decades of experience in holistic health and energy balancing techniques, I am rooted in both science and the sacred.

Over the years, I’ve refined my practice to focus on the tools that help bridge the gap between pain and exhaustion and clarity and connection

The EMF Balancing Technique is a unique energy healing modality that enhances your understanding of personal energy anatomy, empowering you to manage and harness your energy.

Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing delves into deep-seated emotional conflicts influencing your well-being. With the support of homeopathic flower and mineral essences, we work to resolve these conflicts, allowing you to connect closer to your true self.

Separately, each of these modalities offers you a path to greater freedom and peace. Together, they bring you greater self-awareness on your path to wholeness and personal evolution.

I am continuously inspired and ignited by the transformative insights my clients gain during our sessions. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

"Rebecca is a gifted and articulate healer who is enthusiastic and committed to helping others live their best lives. She has a wealth of knowledge of plant medicines and energy healing and is able to guide others in understanding how these tools will enable them to tap into their own healing potential." ~ Louisa

The EMF Balancing Technique ®

Unlock your full potential and embrace your wholeness. This powerful energy balancing modality helps you direct your personal energy in patterns of clear support for your journey on this planet.

Experience Peace-Filled Empowerment

Sensamed Bioenergetic Testing + Remedies

Illuminate your path to healing and wholeness as you uncover the keys to resolving emotional issues, restoring balance, and reclaiming your vibrant well-being.

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