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Channeled Wisdom for Awakening and Empowerment (eBook)
Channeled Wisdom for Awakening and Empowerment (eBook)
Channeled Wisdom for Awakening and Empowerment (eBook)
Channeled Wisdom for Awakening and Empowerment (eBook)

Channeled Wisdom for Awakening and Empowerment (eBook)

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Angel Messages and Aromatherapy Recipes for Reclaiming Your Power

Yearning to unlock your inner greatness? Discover an enlightened series of mystical insights and essential oil blends to help you transform into your purest self.

Are you living with a fear of failure? Is your purpose on Earth unclear? Do you yearn for a deeper spiritual connection? With more than fifteen years of experience in holistic and energy medicine, successful author, course instructor, and Soulful Mystic Rebecca Loach has channeled messages from the divine that helped hundreds of lost souls on their quest for fulfillment. And now she’s back with a second helping of celestial wisdom so you can deepen your self-awareness.

Channeled Wisdom for Awakening and Empowerment: Angel Messages and Aromatherapy Recipes for Reclaiming Your Power offers you the strength to nourish your heart and soul. Allow channeled angelic passages to open each week and discover recipes for essential oil blends to reinvigorate your uniquely natural brilliance. With Loach and the angelic realms by your side, you’ll learn to align your inner being with heavenly energies so you can fully realize the life of your dreams.

Channeled Wisdom for Awakening and Empowerment, you’ll discover:

  • 12 full months of weekly personal messages from the angels to reveal your path
  • Essential oil blends for healing, peace, and inspiration
  • An exploration of spirit-enriching properties within each holistic combination
  • Transformational understanding to better express your unique truth
  • The realization that you are no longer alone through the virtue of divine love, and much, much more!

Channeled Wisdom for Awakening and Empowerment: Angel Messages and Aromatherapy Recipes for Reclaiming Your Power is your spiritual guide for stimulating powerful resources to achieve your true greatness. If you like potent catalysts for change, supportive spirituality, and the naturally aligning powers of aromatherapy, then you’ll love Rebecca Loach’s collection of meaningful messages.

Note to readers: Previously published as A Year with the Angels, Book Two: 52 Messages & 18 Essential Oil Blends Channeled from the Angels to Awaken and Empower.

Buy Channeled Wisdom for Awakening and Empowerment to connect with higher vibrations and find personal fulfillment today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dena Astin
I feel alive, inspired and awakened with each message and deeply connected with the Angels!

Rebecca, you have done it again. Your gift to connect with Angels and share this amazing work with all who are so blessed and guided to read your book is so fascinating.. Every time I feel like I need guidance I know all I have to do is pick up your book and let the Angels speak to me. There is a great healing that comes with every message and diffusing the essential oils as well. I love combining the two in such a spiritual and enlightening practice while setting my intention to receive what the Divine has for me. I honestly feel inspired and more awakened every time I read the messages. Being that I am an Energy Healer, I am excited to use this with all those I work with on their healing journey. Thank you for being such a beautiful, conscious light worker who shares your amazing gifts with all of us. May you always be blessed and spiritually led to continue to do this amazing work.

Jeaninne D.
Wonderfully uplifting

I found the aromatherapy aspect intriguing and is why I decided to check out this book

Before I get into that, I want to touch on the channeling aspect for a quick minute. What is channeling? I’ve seen channelers described as psychic mediums, but I don’t agree with that. I can channel but I don’t see or communicate with ghosts/spirits (as opposed to Spirit/the Divine/Angels/Guides/pick your word). To quote Amy Skarski, “Channeling is the ability to communicate with angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, and beings in spiritual realms.” So basically, when you see a book that says channeled wisdom or channeled messages, the author tapped into the Divine and downloaded directly from Source. The point of this slight departure from my review is to explain that channeled messages typically read differently than what we’re used to. They sound a bit old-fashioned. The rhythm is more lyrical than “normal” speech. Which can be a little hard to read if you’re not used to it. I have books I’m dying to read but they’re all written exactly as channeled and I have a hard time getting through 300 pages of that, despite the fact I’m quite comfortable with what I like to call “Spirit Speak.” Fortunately, this book relays the channeled messages in bite-sized pieces so they’re very easy to digest.

There’s not much rhyme or reason to how the messages are presented in this book, but they’re all beautiful and uplifting. If you’re looking for specific instructions on “how to be enough” or “how to love yourself,” you won’t find it. That’s typically not how Spirit works (although I have been given specifics when I ask, we’re generally tasked with working things out for ourselves). But all of the messages are supportive and combined with the aromatherapy recipes, can be practically applied.

There isn’t a recipe for every message, but they are topically presented, with instructions for use, suggested ways to apply them, and information on what each oil in the blend means. I use a salt scrub every day, although I usually fall back on simple lavender and rose essential oils in my mix. I’ll definitely be transferring several of these blends to my journal and using them in my own daily routine.

I’d advise using this book as an oracle, investing in the paperback version and opening it at random when you feel the need for a spiritual pick me up. I’m willing to bet you’ll land on exactly what you need to hear. In fact, these would make wonderful oracle cards, with the corresponding essential oil blend on the back of the card.

The only thing I’d add is I’d love to see some guided meditations included in the book - perhaps as an audio book?

I think this book would be a great addition to anyone’s spiritual librar