Personalized Essential Oil Recommendations


Let me help you discover the best essential oils from doTERRA to support your well-being, body, mind, and spirit.

Welcome to your Personalized Essential Oil Consultation!

If you're new to doTERRA essential oils and considering trying them out, I'm excited to offer a FREE personalized email consultation to help you discover the best oils and products for your unique needs and goals.

If this is the first page you've landed on, I invite you to read more about my personal journey with essential oils here and learn how doTERRA essential oils can support you on the path to well-being on the "Empower Yourself with Oils" [page] here.

To begin your email consultation, please complete the short questionnaire below. This will give me valuable insights into your experience with essential oils and any specific concerns or objectives you may have.

Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I'll carefully review your responses and may reach out to you for additional information if needed.

You can expect to hear from me within 3-5 business days with my recommendations and a personalized link to purchase the doTERRA products that are best aligned with your well-being, taking into account the goals and priorities you have shared with me. 

Please note that this consultation is for those who do not yet have a doTERRA account and are seriously considering making a purchase. If you already have a doTERRA account, contact your Wellness Advocate for personalized support.

After you've made a purchase, I will be happy to provide more detailed support and guidelines on how to use the oils effectively. You will also be invited to join my exclusive Customer Only facebook group for ongoing tips, inspiration, resources, and advice. In order to protect my valued time, I can only offer in-depth advice and answer detailed questions for customers who have made a purchase.

I look forward to guiding you on this empowering journey!

* Note: While my initial recommendations will help you get started, I provide detailed support and guidelines on using the essential oils only after you've made a purchase. This policy ensures that I can dedicate my time to supporting valued customers. Thank you for your understanding!