Channeled Wisdom for Inspiration and Connection (Paperback)
Channeled Wisdom for Inspiration and Connection (Paperback)
Channeled Wisdom for Inspiration and Connection (Paperback)
Channeled Wisdom for Inspiration and Connection (Paperback)
Channeled Wisdom for Inspiration and Connection (Paperback)
Channeled Wisdom for Inspiration and Connection (Paperback)
Channeled Wisdom for Inspiration and Connection (Paperback)

Channeled Wisdom for Inspiration and Connection (Paperback)

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Angel Messages and Aromatherapy Recipes for Remembering Your Purpose

Ready to see the world with enlightened eyes? Tap into your inner stillness and embrace a direct connection to a higher realm. 

Do you feel cut off and alone? Are you standing at a crossroads but afraid to commit to a life-changing decision? Do you long for energized empowerment? With over fifteen years of experience in holistic and energy medicine, successful author, course instructor, and Soulful Mystic Rebecca Loach has channeled divine messages that helped hundreds of lost pilgrims on their journey of self-discovery. And now she’s sharing these beautiful, angelic missives to escort you to a new awakening and support your highest evolution.

Channeled Wisdom for Inspiration and Connection enfolds you in a quilt of safety, comfort, and emotional calm. With a tested and empathic approach, Loach connects the angels’ communications with aromatherapy recipes designed to anchor their powerful energetic resonance. Regardless of your progress along your personal pilgrimage, you can turn to any insightful passage coupled with its uplifting essence, and rekindle your spark to your own fully present destiny.

Channeled Wisdom for Inspiration and Connection, you’ll discover:

  • One-to-three pages of angelic inspiration for each week of the year to crush doubt and set you free
  • Enriching essential oil aromas to break the boundaries of mortal limitations and unveil healing and peace
  • Energetic frequencies embedded from above to stamp out fear and pave the way to greatness
  • Incredible holistic practices to deny negativity and nourish your soul
  • Invigorating transmitted energies assisting you to reach your full potential and much, much more!

Channeled Wisdom for Inspiration and Connection: Angel Messages and Aromatherapy Recipes for Remembering Your Purpose is a down-to-earth collection of sacred wisdom for anyone looking to regain confidence and a sense of belonging. If you like non-judgmental encouragement, divine blessings, and grounded direction, then you’ll love Rebecca Loach’s exhilarating tome of knowledge.

Note to readers: Previously published as A Year with the Angels, Book One: 52 Messages & 13 Essential Oil Blends Channeled from the Angels to Inspire and Heal

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150 Pages



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October 30, 2021


Rebecca Loach


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lisa M.
Very accessible messages from the angels

I love this book! Genuine, loving, kind and necessary messages from the Angelic Realm. It stays on my bedside table and is truly a gift to read!

Ana Lucia Garcia
Spiritual guidance, practical essential oil blends

If you’re looking for healing, loving and inspiring guidance, this is a beautiful book to have! A perfect combination of angelic wisdom, oil blends and motivation to support your journey. Rebecca is a beautiful soul devoted to bringing more light into the world and her energy is reflected in her work. I highly recommend!

One of the most powerful spiritual books I’ve ever read. LOVE IT

I can really feel the Divine while reading the passages. Rebecca is a wonderful messenger and such a bright light. There is a true sense of peace within this book.

Louisa E.
Enlightening Resource

Rebecca is a special conduit of angelic messages and guidance. Coupled with her extensive knowledge of plant medicines, her book is an excellent resource to have at your finger tips to support you in a variety of areas of your life. I love closing my eyes and flipping through to a random page for the message and essential oil recipe.
I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to deepen their understanding and connection to the angelic realm.

Katherine Gramann
Bridging heaven & earth

I probably didn't use the information in this book the way that it might be intended - by flowing sequentially, but I've found it profound nonetheless :) Concise, beautiful, reassuring. Receiving confirmation and messaging around why I'm drawn to certain scents/oils and what they energetically inspire in my experience has been such a powerful addition to my practice. Obviously that's all great, but if you are reading this and thinking that it's not for you because you aren't already working with the oils from this perspective, I feel confident that the information and messages will show you how to accept the support from the plant frequencies. This fills the huge and important missing gap in oil/plant practices - the energetic and spiritual benefits that oils bring which I feel is the entire catalyst for the physical benefits they then offer.