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Archangel Michael Sacred Writings Journal

Archangel Michael Sacred Writings Journal

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Yearning to access your purpose in life? Tap into your higher truth and receive divine guidance from the Archangel Michael.

Are you confused and uncertain of your path? Do you feel weighed down by the expectations of those around you? Do you long for the clear, still voice of Divine guidance directing you to the next step on your journey? 

The Archangel Michael Sacred Writings Journal offers you a means to activate your connection to the celestial realms. As you meditate on the sigil on the cover of this journal, you will awaken the higher aspects of yourself that allow for true wisdom to come through. Through contemplation and reflection, you will receive new ideas and insights that will guide you to greater truth about your mission on earth.

In the Archangel Michael Sacred Writings Journal you will discover:  

  • A beautifully designed cover image, channeled from the Archangel Michael and encoded with angelic blessings, to enhance your intuition and amplify your ability to receive divine guidance. 
  • 122 pages of lined paper to record your inspired ideas, insights, and drawings where they will be enfolded by the energy of the angels and held in alignment with your highest good. 
  • Energetic frequencies to activate your crystals and charge your drinking water so that you can resonate with the attributes of truth, purpose, and clarity. 
  • Essential oil and crystal recommendations to help you connect with the sacred attributes of the Archangel Michael. 
  • An energetic invitation to channel more of who you are into your everyday life, and more!

The Archangel Michael Sacred Writing Journal is a self-directed tool for awakening and empowerment that will reveal to you the inner workings of your heart and guide you to your true purpose. If you like sacred geometry, divine blessings, and opening your intuition, you will love working with this spiritual journal. 

Buy the Archangel Michael Sacred Writing Journal to activate your divine connection to the powerful archangel of truth and purpose today!


130 Pages



Product Dimensions

6 x 0.3 x 9 inches



Publication Date

December 21, 2021


Rebecca Loach

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