The Galactic Connection Collection

A Curated Collection of Essential Oils, Energetic Activations, and a Galactic Sound Healing Journey to Help You To Connect With Your Star Family

Have you ever looked at the night sky and felt a sense of belonging? A sense of home? A sense that there is something out there, calling to your soul?

But maybe you're tired of feeling disconnected, of feeling like an outsider in your own body and life. You yearn for a deeper connection, a sense of grounding, and the remembrance of your cosmic origins.

Perhaps you have never felt quite at home here on Earth, and you want to create an environment where you feel truly connected, both to your earthly surroundings and to the ethereal mysteries of the Universe.

Or maybe you have just begun to open up to the possibility that there is more out there for you to discover.

You wonder at the signs, messages, and synchronicities that have been showing up in your life, guiding you to look upwards, beyond the boundaries of Earth’s atmosphere, and into the heart of the Universe. 

Are you ready to answer the cosmic call that resonates deep within you and accesses your higher wisdom and love?

Your star family, your galactic origins, are calling to you now. 

Your star family originates from celestial entities such as Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion, Arcturus, Lyra, and others. 

They are our galactic family, just as much a part of the Oneness as we humans are.

There is much wisdom to be gained from these members of our universal family.

Lessons of humility, unconditional love, awakening, and co-creating the reality we wish to see. 

Lessons of separation and division that are ready to be healed, allowing us to rise to greater levels of understanding and appreciation of one another, regardless of where we have come from or how we look. 

It's clear that you're not alone in your quest for cosmic connection. That's why I've created something to assist you on this journey, a collection crafted with love, care, and celestial wisdom.

Introducing: The Galactic Connection Collection

More than just a curated set of essential oils, this collection is your personal bridge to cosmic wisdom and celestial connection. This is more than a journey; it's a transformative experience tapping into higher realms of possibility.

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • A curated set of essential oils chosen for their ability to strengthen, clarify, and awaken your physical, mental, and light bodies.
  • Access to the Galactic Connection Collection Online Program, valued at $111, yours free with the purchase of your oils.
  • Energetic activations that create a pathway to cosmic consciousness.
  • A Galactic Sound Healing Journey to guide you as you receive your own divine messages from your higher self and the cosmos.
  • And much more...

Bridging Earthly Existence and Celestial Wisdom.

When you invest in the Galactic Connection Collection, you are opening your energy to wisdom from the stars while also developing greater strength and structure around who you are as a human being on planet Earth.

Working with the essential oils in this collection in an intentional way will assist you in becoming more comfortable in your body while also allowing you to hold more light. When you learn to become still and tune into the frequency of the Universe, you can begin to receive greater insights into the power, potential, history, and Divine love and grace that is available to you when you connect with your star family, the loving beings that are part of you.

Let's embark on a journey of awakening, activation, empowerment, and cosmic connection together.

How It Works 

This collection features five special oils, each handpicked by my Sirian Guides. Each oil is paired with specific instructions for use, as well as an associated activation. These activations form unique energetic pathways that contribute to grounding, fear release, and remembering your cosmic origins. They also aid in clarifying your light body and opening you up to cosmic consciousness.

Your journey is further augmented with the Galactic Sound Healing Journey, assisting you in grounding and receiving messages from your guides. Whether you're a novice to essential oils and sound healing or seasoned, this collection caters to all. The more you engage with the tools, activations, and principles in this collection, the deeper and more profound your experiences will become. 


Your Galactic Connection Collection and Online Program Includes:

  • 5 bottles of high quality essential oils to help you strengthen, stabilize, clarify, and awaken your physical and light bodies. 

  • Access to the Galactic Connection Collection Online Program, featuring: 

    • Essential oil education, including how to use your oils topically (massage, essential oil baths) and aromatically (using a diffuser or creating aura / room sprays) plus how to use essential oils safely.

    • Detailed instructions on using each essential oil to amplify your energetic awakening, release fear stored in your DNA, remember your cosmic origins, clarify your light body, and activate your higher mind

    • Essential Oil Activations designed to help you prepare your body and energy field to hold more light and receive higher energetic frequencies from the stars

    • A 30-minute Galactic Sound Healing Journey to harmonize your energy as you journey to receive your own unique messages from the loving and supportive star beings

    • Over 70 minutes of video content across eight videos

    • Recommended books and card deck for continued study and explorations into your galactic origins

  • Ongoing support from me and my team as you continue to discover new ways to work with essential oils for personal growth and conscious evolution.


    Free Bonuses (Valued at over $85 CAD / $65 USD): 

    • A one-year doTERRA Wholesale Membership that grants you a 25% discount on all your purchases for a full year, with the option to renew your membership at a discounted price. 

    • An ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

    • Free Shipping! 

     A look at the oils in this collection: 

  • Black Spruce - Helps your feel anchored, safe, and at home in your physical body. This oil helps to release fear passed down through your ancestry. 

  • Rosemary - Helps you remember your ancient past and discover more of who you are. This oil stimulates mental clarity and feelings of self-confidence as you embark on your journey of re-connection.

  • Lemon - Helps to cleanse your physical, mental, and light bodies while activating your Golden Light of Self. This oil activates your mind and strengthens your sense of self.

  • Peppermint - Helps you open, activate, and enliven your energy centres. This oil activates the higher mind and assists you in translating higher wisdom, symbolism, and sacred geometry. 

  • Blue Tansy - Helps you establish a connection to your star family and star beings around you. This oil activates the third eye chakra and pineal gland, enhancing your ability to recieve divine guidance. 
  • Unlock over $475 CAD / $400 USD in cosmic value with The Galactic Connection Collection, but at a fraction of the cost. 

    Don't wait to connect with your star family and unlock your cosmic wisdom. Start your journey today!

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