Monthly Wellness Box Program

  • The Best Essential Oils for Travel

    Whether you are headed on vacation by plane, train, boat, or automobile, here are my top essential oil picks to help you stay healthy, happy, and balanced, even when facing the unexpected on your vacation. Read on to learn tips for solo travellers or families for dealing with travel sickness, digestive upsets, anxious and stressful feelings, germ-filled airplanes, and more. Bon voyage!
  • Seasonal Defense Wellness Box

    Spring is here with sunshine, blue skies, green grass, new blooms, and fresh air. Don't let high pollen counts and itchy bug bites keep you from the outdoor activities you enjoy. Check out these tips on how to use the best oils to support seasonal and environmental allergies and outdoor fun.
  • Save Time, Money, and Improve Health with a Custom Monthly Wellness Box

    Learn how to save time and money while improving your health with a customizable Monthly Wellness Box from doTERRA. The best essential oils, supplements, and natural cleaning products on the market delivered right to your door. Read the full blog to learn how a custom Monthly Wellness Box can benefit you plus what I include in my family's monthly deliveries.