Essential Energetics Course



If you are working with your energy system based on a quiz, a chart, or a textbook definition of the imbalances in each chakra, you may be missing important information and a valuable opportunity to go deeper into your healing potential.⁣
Perhaps that blockage you feel in speaking your truth is affecting the throat chakra… but the core of the issues lies deeper, in your sacral chakra, your seat of creativity and creative expression. ⁣

Or maybe you are worried about money and security and use crystals, herbs, or essential oils to balance your root chakra, but if you were to dig deeper, you would learn that it’s really the heart chakra that is imbalanced due to deeply held stories that you are somehow unloveable. ⁣

In Essential Energetics, we dive beyond “textbook” and “guesswork” so that you can uncover exactly where the imbalances are at any moment, and how to prioritize them to achieve the best support and results for your spiritual growth.

Are you ready to take your energetic awareness to the next level? 

Whether you are new to energy work or are a seasoned practitioner, this course can help you develop a deeper level of appreciation for how to work with your chakras in a dynamic and empowering way. 

During this 8 module course, you will learn three methods to assess and identify imbalances in your 7 major chakras, then learn techniques to identify which essential oils can bring these chakras back into balance. ⁣

You can use these same techniques to hone in on the crystals, herbs, or even affirmations that will BEST support the imbalances that are being experienced at the moment. ⁣

Essential Energetics is a comprehensive program that will empower you to explore and strengthen your intuitive abilities as you learn to practice working with your own energy centres as well as to practice your skills on friends and family.  

This unique system of chakra assessments and balancing with essential oils, created by Rebecca Loach, is valuable both for at-home, personal use and for anyone who would like to incorporate a new facet to their health or wellness practice. 



"I absolutely loved the Essential Energetics course. It was more than just learning the basics, it is an entire holistic approach to help everyone, no matter if this is new for them or not. Rebecca is an amazing teacher who truly loves teaching and cares about everyone, as well as empowering each of us to be our best self.  She is always there to answer questions, her videos are informative, honest and funny. I highly recommend taking this course as it will open up so many avenues for you to live your best life."

~ Donna Kassian

This Course Is For: 

The Energetically Curious. Maybe you are new to chakras and/or essential oils and want to learn more. This course will give you a good foundation of understanding of your energy anatomy and how you can work with your chakras to bring more light, vibrancy, and joy to your daily life. 

The Essential Oil Lover. Maybe you love your essential oils and want to learn how to use them in a more dynamic way to support your physical, mental, and emotional health. This course will bring you beyond the basics of essential oil usage and into the realm of essential oils and energy, expanding your potential to heal yourself. 

The Practitioner. Maybe you already have a practice as a Reiki Practitioner, Sound Healer, Acupuncturist, or other type of Natural Health practice and want to add another level of support for your clients. This course will take you through a step by step process that you can implement with your clients to add another facet to the work you are already doing. 

Note: Essential oils are NOT required to take this program. You can benefit greatly from the material in this course even if you don't already use essential oils.

"I loved Essential Energetics. It was a wonderfully in-depth course about energy anatomy, chakras, essential oils, and using angel cards for reframing belief patterns. I’ve been using Reiki since 2002, both personally and professionally, and I was thrilled to learn some new things that I’ve already put into practice for myself and my clients. I appreciate Rebecca’s straightforward, easy to understand teaching style and I look forward to using what I learned in her Essential Energetics Course for years to come."

~ Lisa Hickey, Energy Healer, Essential Oil Educator + Angel Therapy Practitioner

What You Get: 

  • 8 Complete Modules with over 6 hours of video content. Each video module is between 20-60 minutes in length and you receive all of the content at once so you can move through the course at your own pace. 
  • The 7 Chakras Guidebook that will serve as a handy reference guide as you learn more about the chakras. This Guidebook includes the colours, locations, elements, organs, lessons, and signs of imbalance for each of the seven major chakras. 
  • The Chakra Assessments Guidebook that will walk you through three different methods for assessing the chakras with detailed instructions. 
  • A beautiful Chakra Assessment Chart that you can use for assessments on yourself or for distance sessions on others. This chart also includes the names of the corresponding Archangels for each chakra. 
  • The Balancing the Chakras with Essential Oils Guidebook that will guide you through two different methods for assessing which oils will bring your chakras back into balance. 
  • The Chakras and Essential Oils Quick Reference Chart to help you quickly identify which oils support each chakra and make your assessments more efficient. 
  • A list of recommended reading and resources for further study.
  • Unlimited access to all course content and future updates. 



  • Electrical currents and magnetic fields in the body

  • Nutrition for the energetic system

  • What is the aura?

  • How energy healing works

  • Scientific explanation of the chakras & energetic system

  • The link between the chakras and physical health

  • Running your energy: clearing and filtering the chakras


  • Ages and stages of development through the chakras

  • Characteristics and lessons of the 7 major chakras

  • Signs of imbalance for each of the 7 chakras

  • Element and organ system association of each chakra

  • Supportive foods for each chakra

  • The four clair senses and their relationship to the chakras

  • Chakra healing activation, alignment and angelic intentions


  • How to prepare yourself for chakra assessments
  • Getting clear and accurate results
  • Moving beyond "textbook" and "guesswork"
  • Three ways to assess for chakra imbalances
  • Working with a pendulum
  • Performing chakra assessments for yourself and others
  • Chakras and associated Archangels


  • Emotional and energetic properties of essential oils
  • 55 essential oils and their chakra associations
  • Opening to higher consciousness with essential oils
  • Using your intuition to select the oils you need
  • doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy set and blends


  • How to test for essential oils to balance the chakras
  • Understanding hololinguistics and intention
  • Belief repatterning with Angelic Intentions
  • Amplifying essential oils with the Angelic Alchemy Essence Cards
  • Step-by-step instructions for assessments and balancing
  • Using these techniques for yourself and your family
  • Using these techniques in professional practice


  • The importance of ethics for energy work

  • Essential oils and chakras as flow systems

  • Gratitude and the chakras
  • The third eye chakra, overthinking, and sleep

  • Strategy vs. intuition in assessments.

  • Wisdom and support for chronic conditions

  • Challenges as opportunities for growth and healing


  • Angelic Alchemy Essence Card Reading + Activation
  • Celebrating your achievements in this program
  • Supporting your energy with Angelic Wisdom
  • 17 new essential oils and blends
  • Comparison of doTERRA Blends and Kids Oils


  • Essential oil applications for chakra balancing 

  • Creating aura and body sprays for chakra balancing 
  • Essential oils and allergies
  • Effects of foods on chakras and the energetic field
  • Chakras, personal energy, and energetic boundarie
  • Advanced focusing and filtering techniques
  • Activating crystals with the Angelic Alchemy Cards

Please note: The concept of the chakra system explored during this program is based on the Western teachings of the chakra energy centres as receivers and transmitters of information and energy that relate to our endocrine system and subtle energy bodies. 


"Rebecca's teachings are comprehensive, fun, and provide a wealth of information on all levels - physical, emotional, and spiritual. Her Essential Energetics course is all of this and more! Using her own experience, angelic connections, and scientific mind, she is able to distill the pertinent information not only as words but also as an energetic transmission so I felt the teachings on all levels. I have taken many courses for numerous years on various energy healing modalities and this course added significantly to my knowledge. I highly recommend you take Rebecca’s course - you will be so glad you did!"

~ Jen Williams, Co-Creator, Spirit Fractals 

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Are there any Essential Oils included with this course?
No essential oils are included in this course. (See FAQ below for my recommendations.)
Do I need to have Essential Oils to take this course?
No. You will get great benefit from this course even if you don't use essential oils.
A large portion of the course is focused on learning about your energy anatomy and how to assess your chakra energy centres.
This information alone will give you a great foundation for everything you do in life, as the chakras are multidimensional and part of your makeup as a human being.

What brand of essential oils do you use?

I have been using doTERRA Essential Oils since 2017. After a lot of research and negative experiences with reactions to some oils from other companies, I found doTERRA's oils to be the ones that my body and energy system responded to best.

The first time I held a bottle of doTERRA essential oils in my hand, I felt my whole energy system expand. This is something that I hadn't experienced before, even though I had been working with essential oils for years.

I am also highly aligned with doTERRA's values and the integrity of their operations. You can read more about doTERRA oils on my Essential Oils Webpage here.
I am also highly aligned with doTERRA's values and the integrity of their operations. You can read more about doTERRA oils on my Essential Oils Webpage here.

Do I need to use doTERRA Oils to take this course?

No! You can use any oils that you prefer, and you can even take this course without having any essential oils at all.

The majority of the oils that we cover in this course are single oils that can be purchased from a distributor of your choice.
I do also cover some of the proprietary blends that doTERRA carries, and you can purchase those if you wish, however you can develop a great practice / routine with just the single oils.

What if I want to get some oils? Which ones do you recommend?

If you want to get started with some oils right away, I highly recommend The Chakra Awakening Collection. This is a special collection that I have curated for you to support your journey.

This collection comes with an essential oil for each of the seven chakras, as well as a special Guidebook that I have created just for the collection and is not available anywhere else.

Click here to learn more about the Chakra Awakening Collection.

  1. If you are not already a doTERRA Customer, you can purchase these oils from me and become a member of my Essential Alchemy Community, which gives you additional support from me through email and our Cosmic Connection Q&A calls.

  2. If you already have a doTERRA Wholesale Account, please purchase your oils through your own account or contact the Wellness Advocate you set up your account with to purchase your oils.

  3. You can also wait to purchase your oils until you progress through the course and get a feel for which oils resonate with you. We will cover Over 70 different oils and how they relate to the chakras beginning in Module 4 of the course.
Is this a live course?
No. All of the videos are from the live course and subsequent Q&A sessions that were recorded from 2017-2019.
You can work through the modules at your own pace in a way that feels most aligned to you.
What if I have a question?
You can submit any questions that you have in the members portal. I will be collecting all of the questions and creating a video Q&A later on in the course.