Monthly Wellness Box Program

Learn how to save time and money while improving your health with a customizable Monthly Wellness Box from doTERRA. The best essential oils, supplements, and natural cleaning products on the market delivered right to your door.

Spend more time doing the things that matter to you

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, I would rather spend my free time doing the things that matter to me, not shopping at multiple stores to get what I need for our family's health and the day-to-day products we use.

I have replaced trips to the health food store, drug store, and grocery store with online shopping in just one place where I can get everything I need delivered directly to my door with just a click of a button.

doTERRA's Monthly Wellness Box allows me to order a little or a lot, depending on what my family needs. With flexible shipping dates and no minimum requirements, it's easy to modify my family's Wellness Box contents each month with just a few clicks of a button. During the holidays, I stock up on gift items. When we are headed out on vacation, I change the shipping date and order a smaller amount. No hassle. I order what I want, when I want it. 

Our doTERRA Wholesale Membership gives us 25% off all of the products we buy, plus (this is probably my favourite part!) we earn free points each month which we can redeem and get free products from doTERRA. Between the amazing points rewards (between 10-30% rewards points on purchases over a certain amount), and the opportunity to get the free Product of the Month Each month, we save a lot of money and get hundreds of dollars of free stuff from doTERRA each year. 

Since joining the doTERRA Monthly Wellness Box Program in 2017, we have saved thousands of dollars and dozens of hours that we can invest into our family time instead. 

The Best Products for Your Family, Your Home, and Your Happiness

With a background in biochemistry and experience working in laboratories of companies that make food ingredients and surfactants (foaming and cleansing agents in personal care and cleaning products), I know what's in our food and household products. As a holistic nutritionist, I have extensive training and knowledge of the natural supplements industry. 

Because of this, I am very particular about the products that go on and in our bodies, and I am extremely cautious about the products we use to clean our home. 

Most commercially available cleaning products, personal care products (like shampoo, toothpaste, soap, laundry detergent and skincare products) and even many vitamins and supplements are filled with chemical and synthetic ingredients that can cause hormone disruption, weaken the immune system, damage the intestinal and respiratory lining, and cause other negative effects over the long term. 

Discovering doTERRA's essential oils and product line was a dream come true. While our family has been using natural and green personal care and cleaning products for over a decade, we have transitioned to using doTERRA's products exclusively over the last two years. 

Higher quality, fewer synthetic ingredients, plus the added healing power of the highest quality essential oils in each of their products has had a remarkable benefit on our health and happiness. 

Here are some of the things I like to include in our Monthly Wellness Boxes:

  • High quality vitamins and supplements to support the optimal functioning of our bodies and minds. The daily supplements are the best on the market and there is a kid's version my son loves too!
  • Clean and natural skincare products that use the wisdom of plants to provide healthy skin tone, elasticity, and health without stripping the skin of moisture or leaving it feeling greasy. No synthetic fragrances or chemicals to mess with our hormones either!
  • Clean and natural personal care products like shampoo, conditioner, soap, and toothpaste  that contain healthy, safe, and effective cleaning agents that are good for our skin and body without chemicals or synthetic fragrances that wreak havoc on our body's vital systems.
  • Green, non-toxic cleaning products that are safe and actually work without causing respiratory, skin, or hormonal imbalances like most commercial products. 
  • The BEST, safest, purest, most tested and most trusted essential oils on the planet to support our physical health, uplift moods, ease anxious and stressful feelings, enhance relaxation, support the immune and digestive systems, and more. 

Save time, money, and improve health and happiness with a custom Wellness Box

I have helped dozens of people improve their health, balance their moods, and save time and money each month by investing in a customizable Wellness Box for themselves and their family. I would love to do this for you too!

The first step is to get started with a wholesale membership with doTERRA and purchase your starter kit of oils. Once your kit arrives, we can hop on the phone or a web call to go over how to use your products and create a custom 90-day plan for you and your family.

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